Tips are provided by two seasoned sports journalists with a combined 22 years working for the biggest sports publications in Africa and across the continent, who take an algorithmic approach based on current form, player injuries and suspensions, and past results.

The aim of a predictor competition is to make correct predictions on live sport events. E.g. Predict the results of 5 different events. Subscribers will earn points for correct predictions. The Subscriber who accumulates the most points in a competition will win prizes.

The subscriber that earns the most points each month wins the monthly grand prize.

Airtime, data and MTN MoMo prizes are sent to your mobile number within 7 working days of the release of the official results.

If you have won a MTN MoMo prizes you need to be registered on MTN MoMo in order receive your prize in MTN MoMo. We will attempt to pay your MTN MoMo prizes one or more times. If we are unable to pay your MTN MoMo prize you will be paid the equivalent amount in Airtime.

If more than one subscriber wins any prize, the total value of the prize will be split equally between the tied subscribers.

You may enter one entry per competition and one choice per prediction.

You may enter your predictions anytime up to one minute before the start of the first sports event in the competition.

You may update your predictions anytime up to one minute before the start of the first sports event in the competition.

For a breakdown of scoring, visit the Point Scoring page.

Yes! You can follow your predictions live during competitions and points are updated in real-time.

The results are official once the competition is displayed on the Results page, approximately 60 minutes after the last match in the competition is completed.

All statistics are supplied by Stats Perform in accordance with its guidelines. Statistics are received in real time. Statistics provided by Stats Perform are not amended in any way. However, Stats Perform may change statistics which result in changes to scoring, so long as any statistic amendments are made before competitions are made official.

If a sports event is cancelled, postponed or stopped no points will be awarded for that event. The Competition will otherwise continue as normal.

You can play online at https://mtnpredictors.com on your mobile phone, tablet and PC or on USSD by dialing *120*36683# (zero-rated).

Active subscribers receive expert sport tips, free competition entries and are eligible to win prizes.

First day is fee! Thereafter a subscription costs R3.50 per day for each sport.

Dial *123# to manage your subscriptions.